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The Outreach and Dissemination lead for WKRU is Dr Bob Steadman, Cardiff University. Bob is assisted by the WKRU senior team, receives administrative and website support from Cardiff University and welcomes any opportunity to highlight our research. Please contact him (steadmanr@cardiff.ac.uk) or our manager Dr Chantal Colmont (colmontcs@cardiff.ac.uk) to know more. 

WKRU has a growing Patient and Public Involvement network. Visit our affiliates page to see some of the organisations we work with. We are always keen to hear from individuals with an interest in the research we do, in particular, people living with kidney disease.  If you would be interested in learning about ways to become more involved or would just like further information, please get in touch. Below is some further information about becoming more involved. This is also available as a poster to display for people to see such as in renal units, clinic or your local GP office. 

The Wales Kidney Research Unit supports research into all aspects of kidney disease including key social care issues. We are seeking to increase our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) representation to help us develop user-centred research proposals and to improve and increase the impact research has on all those affected by kidney disease.

Patient and public involvement can be a highly varied role. Examples include:

- Providing feedback on funding applications from early ideas through to bids ready for submission.

- Attending open days, events and conferences.

- Becoming co-applicants on projects especially interesting to you.

- Sitting on ‘steering or advisory groups’.

- Providing advice while a project is ‘live’.

- Receiving updates via Newsletters and social media.

- Helping WKRU engage with minority and hard to engage groups.

- Encourage participation in randomised controlled clinical trials and other types of studies.

A PPI can do much more (or less!) - but we would really like to know more about you so please GET IN TOUCH if you are interested and to hear more: wkru@bangor.ac.uk, Tel: 029 218 48469 or tweet us @theWKRU