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Congratulations to Charlie Brown for winning the Scientific Medawar Medal at the BTStransplant meeting 2021


Dr Charlotte Brown won the prestigious Medawar Medal at the NHSBT BTS 2021 congress for her presentation entitled “Ischaemic preconditioning drives expansion of a protective cell population in the renal stroma”. The Medawar medal, named after the Nobel prize winning ‘father of transplantation’ Sir Peter Medawar, is very competitive and the highest accolade offered by British Transplant Society for the best scientific paper presented.

Charlotte, a surgical trainee with an interest in transplantation, is on the verge of submitting her PhD thesis at Cardiff University and is supervised by a team of clinical and non-clinical investigators from Wales Kidney Research Unit - Dr Soma Meran, Mr Usman Khalid, Dr Robert Steadman and Mr Rafael Chavez. Her project investigates the role the role of the matrix Hyaluronan in the acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease continuum and she has used available in vivo models to investigate mediators of renal injury.

Find out more about Charlotte's research here: