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For Patients

WKRU is working with all renal charities across Wales (Kidney Wales, Paul Popham Fund and Kidney Care UK) and the Welsh Renal Clinical Network to deliver information about COVID 19 and available support services to people living with kidney disease across Wales via a newsletter.  You can read each edition of the newsletter here.  Please share widely.  


WKRUs research priorities have been and will be decided on by patients and service providers working together with researchers. We use INVOLVE guidelines throughout our research activities. WKRU has two patients, Gloria Owens and Janet Williams, on the senior management board and we regularly host conferences, open days, events and research development groups (RDGs) with patient representatives.

We keep connected with patients via Twitter, A youtube channel, a newsletter tailored to the renal units and attending where possible patient led support groups, fund raising events and other activities, see our News/Events page for regular updates. We are proud to have so many patients actively involved in the research that we do. If you would like to know more and maybe become more involved click here.

A video of our 2018 annual meeting below:

Stay connected via our News & Events pages or follow us on Twitter 

Quotes from patients

"The Management team here to all things possible to ensure best use of resources. Indeed the Unit itself being established on an ‘All Wales basis’ ensures research is not duplicated and that collaboration is a top priority, sharing sharing of resources, data and best practice."

"We have noted the improved level of Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) at recent events such as the AGM, Open Days and meetings (eg. With KRUK), where attendance and participation has been increasing. This is most encouraging and offers quantitative evidence in terms of an outcome in achieving specific WKRU objectives."

"We are aware that another indicator of success which is both significant and measurable in terms of outcomes, is the number of trials currently being undertaken and the increased level of participation in them."

"The efforts of WKRU should be commended to improve public awareness of kidney health and social care. Since its inception, the WKRU has staged several successful events such as those on World Kidney Day, at Techniquest, the National Eisteddfod and participating in school visits, to engage with the public in raising awareness of renal health."