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WKRU Cardiff open lab and discussion with researchers


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The WKRU Research Laboratories in the School of Medicine, Cardiff hosted an open afternoon for kidney patients, their families, friends, nurses and carers to showcase our research and discuss research opportunities and directions for the future.



 After a lunch and the opportunity to have an informal discussion with WKRU members, the visitors saw cell culture laboratories and images of cells in culture as well as engagement activities designed and developed with the help of Techniquest.





Professor Donald Fraser told the visitors about clinical trials, what they are and why we are doing them. It was a good opportunity to discuss and respond to many questions people had about trials.



 The visitors also heard about some specific research proposals that 3 researchers presented and plan to submit to research charities and funding bodies in the next year.









We are now planning to have regular meetings where members of the public and patients can come to listen to our research proposals and give some feedback about the research focus of the WKRU.