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World Kidney Day 2018












March 8th, World Kidney Day was marked by the Cardiff Centre of WKRU. We had static bicycles in the concourse of the University Hospital Wales for a virtual cycle ride between the dialysis centre in Aberystwyth and that in Cardiff. That was a 200 km target, cycled by WKRU members, patients and members of the public.


 We teamed up with Kidney Wales to draw attention to the need for a “Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys”.





Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us reach our target!!!

Just over 200 km were covered under 4 hours. 






 The event raised money for Kidney Wales and for Kidney Research UK

The event was also broadcast and commented on twitter @WKRU

For more information and photos of the day in Cardiff, see here

For activities in the North Wales renal unit, download this report

At 1.15pm, the people in the concourse witnessed an unusual event as some people in the purple Kidney Research UK iconic top started dancing for a flashmob!




 You can download and see the video here