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World Kidney Day 2017




March 9th, World Kidney Day was marked by the Cardiff Centre of WKRU, teaming up with nurses and members of the renal and transplant units at University Hospital Wales and with Kidney Wales Foundation to draw attention to the need for a “Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys”.


Members of the public received lifestyle advice and had their blood pressure measured. 

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Three static, Turbo Trainer bicycles were set up with the target of cycling  a total of 166 kilometers during the event: the distance from Cardiff to Newgale. This was to publicise a Cardiff to Newgale road event that will be undertaken in support of Kidney Wales Foundation in August. 

WKD cycling.png






In fact over 202 kilometers were covered with the help of an 85 year old on the last leg of the event.


The event raised money for Kidney Wales and for the Welsh Kidney Patients’ Association.

The event was also broadcast and commented on Nation Radio.

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The WKRU in Bangor were in the Main University Foyer  encouraging people to drink a glass of water and raise awareness of the importance of healthy kidneys. See the press release here

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Swansea WKRU members held an awareness raising event Gowerton Comprehensive School. Click here for more details