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Wales has led the way with organ donation by enacting new legislation. The ‘Family attitudes, actions, decisions and experiences following implementation of deemed consent and the Human Transplantation Act (Wales)’ is a study undertaken with families who were approached when their loved one was considered a potential organ donor in Wales. The study is led by Prof Jane Noyes at Bangor University and funded by Health and Care Research Wales under the remit of the Wales Kidney Research Unit.

The study team will be hosting its final dissemination conference with NHS BT, Welsh Government and the many patient and public representatives on the 5th of September 2017 at Cardiff City Hall from 12-3pm.

The event will celebrate the partnership with the many patient and public organisations who have enthusiastically supported the study and discuss the important key findings. The study is an example of a co-productive study leading to further research opportunities with NHSBT. The study provides opportunities for shared learning with NHS BT and Welsh Government of what works and what can be further strengthened so that organ donation becomes the norm in Wales.

Please note this is a closed event and is "invite only" - if you are interested in attending, please contact the team at "" or call 01248 382342 for further information.